Thursday, May 04, 2006

On My Own

My roommate returned to the US yesterday leaving me in France to my own devices. I was sad and cried off and on through her last day, even though sometimes she and our other friends drive me a little nuts with their extraversion. Overall, she is a warm and generous person and I was very lucky to have her as my roommate.

HOWEVER, I am so happy to be on my own. I can really relax and really take care of myself - be the quiet (though not seemingly so) health nut that I am.

Started taking some ginseng because I am unable to find vitamin B worth taking in France and ran through the first set I found. It's so frustrating. BUT I feel great today - energized and my face looks youthful - is it the ginseng? I guess we'll have to see...

Much love to all,


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