Thursday, May 04, 2006

For in natures, as in seas, depth answers unto depth...

He was quick enough to observe; he had a good memory, and did not forget a word of the brother's revelations. He interwove them with everything he saw of the sister, and he began to understand her. To be sure, the better and profounder part of her character was not within his scope of perception; for in natures, as in seas, depth answers unto depth; but he soon began to read the rest with a student's eye.

-Charles Dickens, p. 196 (of my edition :) )

Beautiful - and so aware - perceptive. I hadn't read any Charles Dickens, but make it my mission to understand why people think certain writers are so great. I don't mind disagreeing, once I've read. But I like to know why people think what they do.

But Charles Dickens was definitely a master. He was very insightful into human personality - and just look at that writing - beautiful!!!


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