Saturday, April 15, 2006

Travelling in Europe when under 25... absolutely excellent. I am going to Paris tomorrow, completely across the country, for half price - 30 euro! If you are ever in France for any extended period of time it is more than worth it to buy the carte 12-25. You get half price off many of your train tickets as well as car rentals, plane tickets, hotels (occassionally) etc. It's only 30 euro so it's definitely worth it.

Two of my friends from highschool are also in France (yay!) one of them is doing the same program I am in a different region. The other is here visting because her posh parents bought an apartment in Paris where I will be staying Monday night! So won't be writing the next few days...visiting with them who I love very much. I then will be staying with my friend who is also doing the program here - she is in the west of France (I am in the South) for maybe a week. So, since internet access is shaky there, may or may not write.


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