Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Nice Visit with Dad

I have had a very good last few days with my dad here in France. I am very glad he came. We do tend to get along quite well somehow. We just had dinner with my friends and it was lovely. He can be very entertaining and he proved to be so tonight. My father can also be a little bitter and angry (as many of us can) and it's nice to see a different side to him.

But that's why I haven't written so much - dad's been here.

First day we did Nice and met this couple that took us around a bit, Josette and Michel, they were very hospitable and fun.

Second day we did my area, and had a little picnic on the beach.

Third day we did Marseille and Cassis - very nice - and dinner with the girls.

Tomorrow I am taking dad back to Nice to catch his flight home.

I want to go home. Oh well. Three weeks. I'm sure when I'm going home I'll be sad about leaving France.

Much love to all who need it...



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