Sunday, April 09, 2006

Poetry - A Gentler Place

a poem for commentary - does this mean someone could steal it if I don't get it copyrighted??? or is it safe here? please write if you know the answers! or if you have anything to say about the poem... hmmm.... okay, well I would love some comments. Please don't be mean - but definitely be straightforward - good comments first so I know goodwill is intended. I am a sensitive INFP afterall. :P not that I wouldn't continue to write anyway - can't seem to help it...

A gentler place

I was...

Heavily shrouded dull with grey,
til softly colored by your voice,
til artistic fingers felt for always,
deftly molded ‘spired choice.


Pale, dark blue, from the faith of you,
I'm shielded too from a searing sun.
Of brightness freed, I've retried, revived,
And secure at last, I've come undone.


You've dimmed down the painful glare,
Tenderly stroking you glazed my world.
Repainting harshness with intricate care,
rich landscapes from your brush unfurled.


Loving you has grabbed me,
Into a gentler place,
Where quiet reigns intensely,
In a vibrant world's embrace.


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